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I have read and agree to the following Terms & Conditions set forth, prior to selling any diabetic products to By selling and shipping any diabetic products to, I, as the seller, signify my understanding and agreement to the following Terms & Conditions:

1. I acknowledge that I rightfully own any and all of the diabetic products that I am selling to
2. I agree that I have full rights to transfer all title and interest in the products I send to
3. I agree that all my product is not prohibited for sale or distribution in the U.S. nor have they undergone any liquid damage. My product has not been altered or tampered with in any way nor has it been improperly stored per manufacturer specifications.
4. I acknowledge and agree that all diabetic products I am sending to meet their minimal requirements for expiration dates and that all boxes are in mint condition. We do not accept any expiration dates less than 6 months before they expire. Mint condition is defined as no dents, tears, discoloration, stains, scratches, broken seals, or re-glued boxes.
5. I understand that will not pay for or return to me any product that does not meet their mint condition requirements. They will be donated or destroyed. The condition of any diabetic products I sell to is my full responsibility and I will not hold liable in any way whatsoever for the items upon arrival at the location of business.
6. is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen packages nor are we responsible for any delivery carrier delays or errors. In addition, we will not return any product to you that does not meet our condition or expiration date requirements.
7. I understand that only accepts the brands and expiration date ranges listed on the Pricing Page of this website.
8. I acknowledge and accept that these terms and conditions may change at any time. I understand that I will not be notified of these changes and it is my full responsibility to read through the terms and conditions whenever I chose to sell my products to
9. I understand that any and all product I sell and ship to must be in a sealed and unopened original box showing no signs of tampering or opening. I understand that I must leave all pharmacy labels attached to the box as to not damage the box in any way. If I choose, I can use “white out” only, to mark out my personal information. I also understand that I am responsible for any damages caused by me getting any marking on the boxes themselves, caused by marking out my information on the pharmacy labels. I agree that I will not use a sharpie marker to mark out my information as it has the risk of bleeding through the label and damaging the box. will professionally remove the labels and dispose of them properly. Furthermore, I understand I am fully responsible for any damages caused by me removing the prescription labels myself.
10. I understand that all items must be shipped in a secure box only. No bags or envelopes.
11. I understand that weather or other unforeseen circumstances my affect shipping speed. Most packages will be delivered within one (1) week but may possibly take up to two (2) weeks.
12. I understand there are PayPal fees associated when I chose to be paid through PayPal and that those fees may be deducted from my final payment from PayPal directly. I agree to take full responsibility for any PayPal fees deducted from my payment.
13. agrees to pay the amount due for any product sent to us within 1-5 business days of receiving and verifying the product for our requirements mentioned in these terms and conditions through either PayPal, Zelle, or mail.
14. I understand that a $35 stop check payment fee will be deducted from my final payment if a check is delivered incorrectly or lost and I chose to have a replacement.
15. I Understand the information provided by does not in any way shape or form represent a fair market value for any items listed on this website.
16. I acknowledge that my diabetic products are not paid for by Medicare or Medicaid and the sale of these products do not deviate from or alter my prescription or care plan.
17. I agree that I have confirmed that the product I am selling will not jeopardize my health due to not having enough supplies to properly take care of myself and if I do become dangerously low on supplies I will hold harmless as a result of my own actions.

18. By using this site and submitting my contact information I agree to be contacted by or their affiliated partners for marketing purposes.
19. I am at least 18 years of age.