The test strips are used with the glucometer to monitor glucose. In them, a drop of blood is deposited to obtain the result. It is important that a person with Diabetes learn the correct way to use this material in order to have good control of their disease. Below we explain the operation of these test strips.

How do the test strips work?

  1. The test strips are designed with a light, long and rectangular plastic. They have microchips designed with sensors in the form of a bar.
  2. By inserting the tip of the test strip into the glucometer port, where the three black lines are, the sensors that turn on the monitor automatically are activated.
  3. Once the patient has pricked his finger to get a drop of blood, you should place it in the white area at the end of the strip. At that moment, the strip comes in contact with the glucose of the blood sample and produces, thanks to the elements that compose it, an electrochemical reaction for the device to interpret and show the person’s sugar level
  4. The glucose is expressed in a unit of measurement: mg /dL. According to the result, the patient should or should not inject insulin. It is also recommended that patients keep a record of their levels to notice any alteration.

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