About Us

Who We  Are

We are an honest and fair company. We always offer fair and competitive pricing to make sure you get paid the most and the fastest. Our goal is to help you get paid the most for your test strips as well as ensure that unused test strips do not go to waste.  Millions of dollars worth of test strips are thrown away every year due to people not knowing they can get money for them.  We want to help avoid the waste created and get these products back into the hands of people who need them. We have been servicing our local community with pride as well as adding value nation wide.

Easy,Secure & Quick

diabeticstripsquickcash.com makes it quick and easy to get paid for your  diabetic testing supplies. You can request to have a prepaid shipping label emailed to you and you can use your own box or if you dont have one you can use a free priority mail box provided by the post office. Once we receive your package we’ll inspect it for quality and then send you a check or pay you through PayPal or Zelle.


We will review your package and issue your payment within 3-4 business days from the day you ship your boxes.  If you choose to be paid through PayPal you can be paid the same day we receive your package.


You can get Quick cash for your unused diabetic test strips and help other people in need. Its truly a Win-Win!

You’ll be helping diabetics who need these supplies, or who may not have the proper means to afford them and adequately control their diabetes. Our goal is to help others and help you get paid!

By using DiabeticStripsQuickCash.com, you can help other diabetics in need. When you sell us your unused test strips, we re-distribute them to other diabetics in our local market as well as across the country at 65 to 75  percent below retail. This makes them much more affordable to people who don't have insurance and cant afford to pay retail prices.


How can you contact us?

Email: support@diabeticstripsquickcash.com

By phone: (719) 749-1436