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If You Are Ready To Sell Your Test Strips Then Complete This Form To Get Started! Please note:  Feel free to ask about other products you have not listed on this website. Please leave any prescription labels on the boxes. We will professionally remove and dispose all labels. Please review our price and products list carefully.

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Complete the order form or give us a call at 719-749-1436 to schedule a local pick up!

Make Sure Boxes Meet Specific Requirements

Please make sure that your boxes are unopened and are not expired. leave any prescription labels on the boxes so they are not damaged due to improper removal.

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We will meet you in person and give you instant cash for your unused and factory sealed mint condition boxes.

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Products We Purchase And How Much We Pay

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These prices are for products with at least 9 months before expiration and mint condition. Any Product that is between 6 and 8 months

before  expiration or damaged will have a %30 less payout. We DO NOT buy any boxes that have an expiration

date of 6 months or less from today's date.  We purchase product that is listed on our website

as well as products not listed here so please ask about other products we purchase.

All boxes must be in mint condition. We will not pay for any boxes that are opened,

damaged, resealed, or fall below our minimum expiration date requirements.